• Solenoid Manifold

    Tefen's innovative solenoid manifold solution

    Industrial fluid control systems often require the use of solenoid manifolds to regulate the flow of fluids. However, the traditional method of assembling these manifolds can be laborious, time-consuming, and require multiple parts. Tefen’s solenoid manifold is a game-changer in terms of performance and functionality, as it reduces assembly time by over 70%.


    Solenoid manifold




    Solenoid Manifold

    This manifold solenoid is made from UV reinforced polypropylene which offers reliability and durability. It is constructed from only 3 PARTS and suitable for two solenoids and up. The spacing range is 45-65 mm, with a bigger spacing option available to meet specific application requirements. It fits solenoids with 1/8” NPT connections and has an inlet manifold thread of ¼” NPT.

    Working pressure is 10 bar.