Case study

  • Case Study – Tefen’s Tailored Solutions for Alma Lasers – Tight Push Fittings

    Tefen’s Tight Push Fittings – Secure & Reliable Connection   In the competitive landscape of manufacturing and technology, companies often seek innovative solutions to enhance their products. This case study explores how Tefen, a leading provider of industrial fittings and solutions, collaborated with Alma Lasers to address their specific... Read More
  • Case Study – Enhancing Efficiency and Accuracy in Poultry Growers Operations – Quick Release Coupling

    Tefen’s Quick Release Coupling – Enhancing Efficiency & Accuracy in Poultry Growers Operations!   Poultry growers face various challenges in maintaining efficient and accurate water supply systems for their flocks. One critical component is the rigid riser tube, which is used as a pressure visual indicator in the water... Read More
  • Case Study – Conical Spray Nozzle by Tefen: Maximize Aeroponic Farm Yields

    Tefen’s Conical Spray Nozzle: Maximize Aeroponic Farm Yields – Achieve More with Less!   If you’re passionate about cultivating lush gardens and ensuring the thriving growth of your plants, Tefen’s conical spray nozzle is here to enhance your aeroponics experience and yield. Aeroponics, a soil-less method of growing plants,... Read More
  • Case Study – Quatro Tech Valve by Tefen: A Cost-Effective Solution for Growers

    Introducing the 4/2 Quatro Tech Valve: A Cost-Effective Solution for Growers     As a grower, you know how important it is to have a reliable irrigation system. However, have you ever encountered the recurring problem of stolen metal valves in your system? Not only does it cause loss... Read More
  • Case Study – New solenoid manifold by Tefen

    New solenoid manifold by Tefen – Reducing assembly time by more than 70%     Until now, manifolds were assembled using tubes & fittings which is a labor & time consuming process. Moreover, the preparation for assembly required additional preparations such as tube cutting to a specific length, disassembly... Read More
  • Case Study – Water Treatment in Metal Industry

    Metal Processing  – Polygonal steel rods forming     Processing steel scrap is a primary station in a comprehensive manufacturing process of steel rods, before rolling mill and foundry. Steel scrap melting into liquid steel is executed in a dedicated furnace at a temperature of 1,600⁰C using electric heating... Read More
  • Case Study – Conveyor Belt Lubrication

    MixRite Dosing Pump and Nozzles Product: MixRite 2.5 internal Bypass for adding liquid food additives. Challenge: Industrial filling lines (for bottles, cans, containers, etc.) must operate with the utmost efficiency and safety. To do so, a thin and consistent layer of a dedicated lubrication is sprayed onto the conveyor... Read More
  • Case Study – Feed Mills

    MixRite 2.5 internal Bypass     Customer: Kfar Yehoshua Feed Mill.Product: MixRite 2.5 internal Bypass for adding liquid food additives.Challenge: Liquid additives such as butyric acid are often added to ground feed in mills to prevent bacteria in the feed – yet precision is of the utmost importance. Adding... Read More