Case study

  • Case Study – Quatro Tech Valve by Tefen: A Cost-Effective Solution for Growers

    Introducing the 4/2 Quatro Tech Valve: A Cost-Effective Solution for Growers     As a grower, you know how important it is to have a reliable irrigation system. However, have you ever encountered the recurring problem of stolen metal valves in your system? Not only does it cause loss... Read More
  • Case Study – New solenoid manifold by Tefen

    New solenoid manifold by Tefen – Reducing assembly time by more than 70%     Until now, manifolds were assembled using tubes & fittings which is a labor & time consuming process. Moreover, the preparation for assembly required additional preparations such as tube cutting to a specific length, disassembly... Read More
  • Case Study – Tefen solution for maintaining healthy poultry farm

    Maintaining optimal health conditions in poultry farm Poultry represents a significant amount of protein consumed in the average diet. The consumption of poultry has vastly risen over the years. As a result of the growing demand, poultry farms got bigger including hundreds and even thousands of chickens kept in... Read More
  • Case Study – Water Treatment in Metal Industry

    Metal Processing  – Polygonal steel rods forming     Processing steel scrap is a primary station in a comprehensive manufacturing process of steel rods, before rolling mill and foundry. Steel scrap melting into liquid steel is executed in a dedicated furnace at a temperature of 1,600⁰C using electric heating... Read More
  • Case Study – Conveyor Belt Lubrication

    MixRite Dosing Pump and Nozzles Product: MixRite 2.5 internal Bypass for adding liquid food additives. Challenge: Industrial filling lines (for bottles, cans, containers, etc.) must operate with the utmost efficiency and safety. To do so, a thin and consistent layer of a dedicated lubrication is sprayed onto the conveyor... Read More
  • Case Study – Feed Mills

    MixRite 2.5 internal Bypass     Customer: Kfar Yehoshua Feed Mill.Product: MixRite 2.5 internal Bypass for adding liquid food additives.Challenge: Liquid additives such as butyric acid are often added to ground feed in mills to prevent bacteria in the feed – yet precision is of the utmost importance. Adding... Read More