Case Study – Tefen’s Tailored Solutions for Alma Lasers – Tight Push Fittings

Tefen’s Tight Push Fittings – Secure & Reliable Connection


In the competitive landscape of manufacturing and technology, companies often seek innovative solutions to enhance their products. This case study explores how Tefen, a leading provider of industrial fittings and solutions, collaborated with Alma Lasers to address their specific equipment requirements, embodying Tefen’s core messages of “Engineering for simplicity” and “Evolving as you do.”

Alma Lasers, a renowned player in the medical and aesthetic laser industry, initially procured one of Tefen’s standard fittings for their equipment. As the operational demands evolved, Alma Lasers began exploring alternatives, leading them to consider offerings from a competitor company.


Tight Push Fittings - Tailor Made Solution


Challenges faced by Alma Lasers

In their pursuit of a fitting replacement, Alma Lasers identified specific challenges with their existing equipment. The need for a customized solution arose due to the unique requirements of Alma’s machinery.

Tefen’s approach

Recognizing the importance of addressing Alma Lasers unique needs, Tefen took a proactive approach. Tefen’s team of professionals engaged with Alma Lasers to thoroughly understand the complexities of their equipment and the challenges they faced with the existing fittings.

“Engineering for simplicity”: Tefen committed to simplifying the complex by engineering solutions tailored to the exact requirements of Alma Lasers.

Customized solutions designed by Tefen

Upon understanding Alma Lasers requirements, Tefen’s team went to work. Leveraging their expertise in industrial fittings, Tefen designed two types of tight push fittings, incorporating NPT thread, to specifically cater to Almas needs. These fittings were meticulously crafted to ensure seamless integration with Alma Lasers equipment, addressing the challenges identified earlier.

“Evolving as you do”: The customized solutions for Alma Lasers reflected Tefen’s commitment to evolving and adapting to the changing needs of its clients in the dynamic industrial landscape.

Tight Push FittingTight Push Fitting

Key features of Tefen customized fittings

Tight Push Fittings ensure a secure and reliable connection, vital for the precise and delicate operations of Alma Lasers equipment.


NPT Thread allowed compatibility, allowing for easy installation and integration into Alma Lasers existing system.

Testing and validation by Alma Lasers

Prior to implementation, Alma Lasers conducted thorough technical and operational tests on Tefen’s newly designed tight push fittings. The results of these tests affirmed that the fittings were not only compatible but also surpassed the performance benchmarks set by Alma Lasers.


Benefits Realized by Alma Lasers:


  • Enhanced Performance:

Tefen’s customized fittings contributed to the overall enhancement of Alma Lasers equipment performance, meeting the specific demands of their applications.


  • Operational Efficiency: 

The tailored solutions improved operational efficiency, reducing downtime associated with maintenance and replacement issues.


  • Cost-Effectiveness: 

Tefen’s approach addressed Alma Lasers challenges providing cost-effective solutions compared to the alternatives.


Tefen’s collaboration with Alma Lasers exemplifies the value of understanding and addressing the unique needs of clients in the industrial sector. By offering customized solutions, Tefen not only met Alma Lasers expectations but also contributed to the overall improvement of their equipment’s performance. This case study underscores the importance of partnerships that prioritize innovation, simplicity in engineering, and the ability to evolve as clients do in the dynamic landscape of industrial manufacturing.



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