The objective of fertigation is to control the quantities of water and added nutrients necessary for optimum crop growth. Tefen MixRite Dosing Pumps offer a perfect solution for better mixing of fertilizers, pesticides and other water-soluble products and less waste.

With a constant injection ratio and uniform and proportional injection, the MixRite pumps add flexibility to simple or automated systems, and allow the grower to make adjustments whenever he considers them necessary. The MixRite pumps are water-powered, so they can be installed in remote areas where there is no electricity.

The MixRite pumps are highly resistant to chemicals and UV radiation. They are simple to install and maintain and cost effective, yet providing a long-lasting solution for the customer. Tefen provides different MixRite models for different applications, according to the system specifications.

How It Works

The system will allow fully proportioning method between a mainline to the sub-mainline, supported by a sophisticated hydraulic assembly.
MixRite injector is a volumetric, fully proportioning unit. The combination between the two units will allow fully proportioning dosing system. This concept brings perfect solution for water treatment.