Dosing Pumps

Dosing Pumps

Tefen’s MixRite line of water driven proportional dosing pumps, are used to ensure precise additive injection directly into the water or fluid line under various flow rates, feed ratios and different ranges of pressure.

These injectors are extremely durable, manufactured from engineered composite materials to withstand the rigors of the elements, as well as chemicals and acids for injection.

Tefen offers the MixRite pumps for a variety of applications such as medication for livestock, cleaning or disinfecting fluid lines, sanitizing water systems, car wash, cost effective fertilizing, and pest control for crops and plants. Tefen’s injectors are adaptable simple to use and cost effective, while creating a long-lasting solution for your needs.

Tefen’s MixRite dosing pumps are a simple, user friendly and ingenious system that has demonstrated its value in over 90 countries.

How It Works

The MixRite Dosing Pumps are made of the highest quality materials (Hastelloy spring, Viton rubber seal). Their LFR system enables operation of the medicator from 7 l/h (0.03 GPM). The pumps are simple and inexpensive to maintain.

The pump starts working automatically when water flows in, and stops when the flow stops. It is possible to stop the suction operation when using a model with an on/off system.