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   Proportioning Dosing

Fittings made from PVDF/KYNAR are available upon request

MixRite precision-made dosing injectors operate on hydraulic pressure alone and work at high flow rates, with minimal low head loss pressure.

  • 22.05.2013- Upcoming Exhibitions

    You are welcome to visit our booth:

    20-22/5/14 - VIV Europe, Utrecht, Netherlands

    23-25/9/14 - VIV China, Beijing, China

  • Industry
    MixRite chemical-resisting dosing injectors inject accurate quantities of additives into a water line. Processes include diluting emollition oils, detergents, waxes and disinfectants, adding lubricants and acids. More

    MixRite's water-driven proportioning injector adds supplements into livestock watering systems supplementation, while disinfecting and cleaning lines and installations. It gives exact dosages of various additives such as medications, vitamins, minerals and vaccinations. More

    MixRite offers the latest advances in proportional dosing for fertigation, water treatment, pH control, supplementation, disinfection and cleaning of lines and installations. It is available with manual, hydraulic and electric remote control. More

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