• 1 Quality proportioning hydraulic medicator.
    2 Electric overload mechanism for long lasting
    3 Galvanized metal frame.
    4 Rigid quality 200 liter PE tank.
    5 State of the art SS agitator with an advanced motor and gear.
    6 Advanced controller, to avoid foaming in the tank.
  • MediMix

    High-performance, reliable equipment

    Many types of additives, medicines, and supplements are being used in livestock applications. All of the above, most of the time, are injected into the drinking water system by a hydraulic proportioning medicators. Part of the additives attend to separate and to sink down inside the additive container. It is highly recommended to allow proper agitation of the additives during the entire medicating process.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: length 652 mm, width 652 mm, hight 882 mm.

* weight: approximately 27 kg.