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Our Story


Tefen Heritage

Tefen is an international household name for dosing pumps and flow products. Established in 1970, this large-scale organization has evolved and grown, becoming a renowned developer and manufacturer who is well respected by customers in numerous industries, including irrigation, agriculture, livestock, chlorination, and sanitization.

Tefen Plastics Industries is co-founded by Kibbutz Nahsholim.
1970 - 1980
Subcontractor for Plasson. Tefen becomes the leading manufacturing of thread cones for the Textile Industry. Cooperated with a manufacturer of infusion systems in Norway and purchased an extruder and molds. Commission by Mrs. Aura Herzog, wife of the 6th president of the State of Israel Chaim Herzog, to produce window boxes for the "Council for a Beautiful Israel".
1980 - 1990
Tefen quickly becomes a leading manufacturer of plastic window boxes for nurseries. The extruder is utilized to manufacture a range of control, irrigation, and pneumatic tubes.
1990 - 2000
Tefen is registered as a Limited Company: Tefen Ltd. The company expands it range of flow products to include nozzles, spray guns, valves, fittings, and tubes. The MixRite 2.5 proportional dosing pump is developed and manufactured.
The MixRite 2.5 dosing pump is successfully launch, with comprehensive technical support and after-sales services for customers around the globe. Industrial dosing pumps are developed, including the TF5, TF10, and TF25. The MixRite 1 and the MixRite 3.5 are developed to provide a large range of hydraulic pumps.
2010 - 2020
The TreatRite Proportional Bypass System is developed and marketed. Tefen is rebranded as an innovative technological company, now known as Tefen Flow and Dosing Technologies Ltd. The MixRite E-300 electric pumps and the InjectRite peristaltic pumps are developed and marketed.

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