The raising demand for better sanitation and hygiene requires exceedingly accurate and reliable chemical mixing and injection services. Tefen MixRite Dosing Pumps, widely used in hospitals, restaurants, and supermarkets, provide an ideal solution.

The proportional MixRite pumps guarantee precise dosing of disinfectants required for water treatment, independently of pressure and flow variations in water networks. Connected to water supply, the pumps enable better use of disinfectants, limiting the need for manual manipulation of concentrated products and reducing the skin allergies associated with them.

Tefen water-powered MixRite pumps are easily installed in fixed or mobile installations, often including static mixers, maturing tanks, flow meters, etc. When installed in line, they can be used for disinfection whenever required (the specific intervals are determined according to hygiene protocols). They may also be used to demineralize water at the osmosis unit output.

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