MixRite 3.5 PVDF

Hydraulic Dosing Pumps

Tefen MixRite 3.5 PVDF models are manufactured from high resistant PVDF material & used to ensure precise additive injection under various flow rates. They are equipped with Aflas seals. Those unique features ensure pumps operation for application that use high concentrated acids.

  • 0.1%-10%Dosage Rate Range
  • 10 - 3500 l/hFlow Rate Range per hour

Main Advantages

  • Hydraulic, volumetric and non-electric.
  • Dosing proportional to flow rate.
  • Excellent dosing repeatability and homogeneity.
  • Easy dosing adjustment.
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain.
  • For highly concentrate acids (>15 %).

Main Usage

  • Industry
  • Agriculture