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  • Tefen’s Polypropylene Fittings in the Robotic Industry

    In the dynamic realm of robotics, precision engineering is the cornerstone of innovation, and Tefen’s polypropylene fittings ensure reliability and adaptability. This article explores Tefen’s fittings within the robotic industry, with a spotlight on their role in enhancing the performance of diverse applications, including the noteworthy example of Ozmo’s... Read More
  • Tefen’s Agriculture Solutions Catalog

    Tefen’s new Agriculture Solutions catalog: Sustainable & Efficient Farming Practices. Tefen is excited to share its latest Agriculture Solutions Catalog, focusing on sustainable and efficient farming practices. This catalog is your gateway to discovering solutions that optimize operations and elevate productivity. Whether it’s the MixRite dosing pumps range, the... Read More
  • Tefen attains ISO 14001:2015

    Exciting News from Tefen: Attaining ISO 14001:2015 Certification for Environmental Management System! Tefen is happy to share a recent milestone: the successful attainment of the ISO 14001:2015 certification for our Environmental Management System. This significant accomplishment underscores our dedication to shaping a sustainable future. The ISO 14001 standard establishes... Read More
  • New Product: Tefen’s Silicon Grease

    New Product: Silicon Grease – Ensuring Consistent Performance for Your MixRite Pump! We are thrilled to present our new product – Silicon Grease. It guarantees consistent and reliable pump operation over an extended period, empowering you with the confidence to handle your tasks efficiently. Tefen’s Silicon Grease is your... Read More
  • Coming Soon: Elbow Hose Record

    Coming Soon: Elbow Hose Record – Solution for Residential & Commercial Applications We are glad to announce the upcoming release of our custom-made Elbow Hose Record solution. This product promises to redefine the way we approach hose connections for dishwashers, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, and for more robust... Read More
  • Food contact approval

    Tefen’s Blue Polypropylene material is now approved for food contact according to (EU) 1935/2004 and can be used in food industry. Tefenitely! For food contact declaration click here Read More
  • Tefen’s New Solution – Solenoid Manifold

    Tefen’s new solenoid manifold reduces assembly time by more than 70% & offers fast, easy & flexible solution. Press here to learn more Read More
  • Tefen’s Animal Health Solutions

    Check out our Animal Health brochure in which you can find our dosing and flow solutions that ensure your livestock health, whether they are a day old or reached maturity. Tefen’s MixRite Dosing Pumps for Animal Health ensure control over doses of treatments provided through drinking water, which is... Read More
  • Tefen’s Dosing Solutions

    Check out our Dosing Pumps catalog. You can find there the entire range of Tefen’s dosing pumps such as hydraulic water driven MixRite models, electrical and peristaltic pumps and complimentary accessories.                                    ... Read More
  • Why a Closed Transfer System is Essential for Crop Spraying?

    Crop spraying is necessary for protecting crops and improving yield. However, it can also contaminate water and risk the safety of sprayers and operators. A Closed Transfer System, such as Tefen’s AccuRite, is an environmentally safe and operator friendly solution to transfer chemicals pesticides to a sprayer with minimum... Read More