Case Study – A seamless fit: Printing Industry Chooses Tefen’s Fittings

A seamless fit: Printing Industry Chooses Tefen’s Fittings


The Challenges:

Landa Digital Printing , a leading player in the printing industry, faced the challenge of managing a complex network of fittings within their cutting-edge printing systems. As a manufacturer of innovative digital printing solutions, Landa required a reliable partner that could provide a diverse range of high-quality fittings to support their production processes.

Landa Digital Printing

The Solution:

Landa turned to Tefen, a renowned manufacturer of industrial fittings and flow solutions, to address their needs. Tefen’s diverse product range, which includes fittings made from plastic raw materials such as PVDF, Polypropylene, and Nylon 6-6, offered Landa the flexibility and compatibility required for their printing systems.

Tefen fittings


Key Factors in Landa’s Choice:

Diverse Range of Off-the-Shelf Products: Tefen’s extensive catalog allowed Landa to streamline their procurement process and find the right solutions for their specific requirements.

Material Diversity: Tefen’s ability to provide fittings in a wide range of materials, including PVDF, Polypropylene, and Nylon 6-6

Chemical Resistance: The inherent chemical resistance of Tefen’s fittings ensured compatibility with the various solvents and materials employed in Landa’s printing processes.

Reputation for Quality: Tefen’s strong reputation for quality and their adherence to strict standards, including ISO 14001 certification, gave Landa confidence in the reliability of their products.

Swift Delivery: Tefen’s efficient delivery simplified Landa’s operations and enabled them to maintain the smooth functioning of their printing systems.

Tailored Solutions: Tefen’s ability to provide customized solutions, in addition to their comprehensive range of off-the-shelf products, allowed Landa to address their unique needs and challenges.

The Benefits:

By partnering with Tefen, Landa was able to streamline their procurement process, ensure the compatibility and reliability of their printing systems, and maintain efficient operations. Netanel Shahak, Ink Printing System Designer at Landa, commented on Tefen’s extensive solutions, stating:


“Tefen offers an extensive array of solutions. I have yet to encounter a problem for which they lack a solution. Their off-the-shelf products are readily available, and when needed, they excel at providing customized solutions.”



Landa’s choice of Tefen’s fittings and flow solutions has been a key factor in enhancing their operation efficiency in the printing industry. Tefen’s diverse product range, quality standards, and swift delivery have enabled Landa to focus on their core business, while ensuring the seamless operation of their cutting-edge printing systems.


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