Case Study – Enhancing Efficiency and Accuracy in Poultry Growers Operations – Quick Release Coupling

Tefen’s Quick Release Coupling – Enhancing Efficiency & Accuracy in Poultry Growers Operations!


Poultry growers face various challenges in maintaining efficient and accurate water supply systems for their flocks. One critical component is the rigid riser tube, which is used as a pressure visual indicator in the water system. However, the current rigid riser tube design poses several issues, including difficulty in disassembly for maintenance, which leads to inaccuracies and inefficiencies. Tefen accepted the challenge to improve the poultry grower’s operations by designing quick release coupling that substantially improves the efficiency of their maintenance processes.


The Challenge: Current Rigid Riser Tube Limitations

  • Inaccuracy and Lack of Efficiency

The existing rigid riser tube design hampers accurate water supply monitoring due to its opaque structure. Growers often struggle to observe the float ball, resulting in imprecise monitoring and potential disruptions in the water supply to the birds. Additionally, disassembling the rigid riser tube for cleaning purposes is cumbersome and time-consuming, leading to maintenance inefficiencies.


  • Limited Flexibility and Compatibility

The inflexible nature and lack of compatibility of the existing tube eventually causes poultry growers to ineffective and inaccurate operation.


  • Durability and Maintenance Costs

The current rigid riser tube’s durability is compromised, resulting in frequent damage and premature wear. This leads to increased maintenance costs for growers, negatively impacting their bottom line.


The Solution: Quick Connect for Rigid Riser Tube

Tefen has developed the Quick Release Coupling for Rigid Riser Tube to address the challenges faced by poultry growers. The solution offers several advantages that enhance efficiency, accuracy, maintenance, longevity, and compatibility.


  • Performance: Effortless Detachment Simplifies Cleaning

The Quick Release feature of the new rigid riser tube enables growers to easily detach it for thorough cleaning. This simplification of the cleaning process saves time and effort, ensuring that the water supply system remains sanitary and optimally functional.

The Rigid Riser’s Tube transparent design, enables growers to have a clear view of the float ball. This feature ensures accurate monitoring of the water supply, reducing the risk of under or over-supplying water to the birds, and promoting their overall health and productivity.


  • Operational: Disassembly Before Bird Processing

The Quick Release design allows poultry growers to remove the rigid riser tubes prior to bird processing without disrupting the water supply. This feature ensures that the birds’ health and welfare are not compromised during processing, while maintaining an uninterrupted water supply for other sections of the poultry farm.


  • Longevity: Durable Design for Reduced Maintenance Costs

The new design prevents damage and extends its lifespan. This feature significantly reduces maintenance costs for growers, allowing them to allocate their resources more efficiently and enhance their overall profitability.


  • Compatibility: Seamless Integration with Flex Tube Nipple Systems

The Quick Release for Rigid Riser Tube is compatible with all flex tube nipple systems available on the market. This adaptability provides poultry growers with increased flexibility, enabling them to select and integrate the most suitable water supply system for their specific needs.

The Quick Release for Rigid Riser Tube presents an innovative solution to the challenges faced by poultry growers today. By implementing this solution, they can enhance their operational efficiency, ensure accuracy in water supply, and reduce maintenance costs, ultimately benefiting their overall productivity and profitability.


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