Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are proportional dosing pumps?
A: Proportional dosing pumps are designed to add the precise quantity of liquid additives to the water flow – to ensure an automatic and consistent additive/water ratio, regardless of the water pressure. With MixRite proportional dosing pumps, you can rest assured that the ratios remain intact.


Q: Who uses the MixRite dosing pumps?
A: The Tefen MixRite line of water-driven proportional dosing pumps is used for a large range of livestock, agriculture, and industrial applications around the world. For example, to deliver the correct injection mix of vitamins, medication, and supplements to livestock.


Q: Does Tefen produce quality dosing pumps?
A: At Tefen, we only use high-quality raw materials – resulting in reliable, low maintenance, and durable products that are also UV and chemical resistance. Tefen also complies with strict international standards for the benefit of our customers.


Q: How can I change the ratio of the dosing pump?
A: Simply set the injection rate manually by rotating the sleeve to the desired proportion.


Q: What are Tefen fittings used for?
A: Tefen fittings serve a broad spectrum of international market sectors, such as irrigation, automation, pneumatics, hydraulics, medical devices, and additional industrial applications.


Q: What are the working parameters of Tefen’s fittings?
A: Working pressure = <14 bar (200 psi) at 20ºC.
Temperature = -20ºC to 120ºC (subject to application).


Q: Which materials are Tefen’s fittings made of?
A: Our large range of fittings are made from PVDF, Acetal, Nylon, and PP.


Q: Do Tefen’s fittings require maintenance?
A: Our fittings require minimum maintenance. While you can conduct most maintenance independently, a periodic inspection by the Tefen team is recommended (about once a year).

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