Tefen’s Agriculture Solutions Catalog

Tefen’s new Agriculture Solutions catalog: Sustainable & Efficient Farming Practices.

Tefen is excited to share its latest Agriculture Solutions Catalog, focusing on sustainable and efficient farming practices. This catalog is your gateway to discovering solutions that optimize operations and elevate productivity. Whether it’s the MixRite dosing pumps range, the diverse flow products, or our specialized solutions, Tefen has you covered.


MixRite Hydraulic Dosing Pumps for Agriculture Applications

Our MixRite hydraulic dosing pumps guarantee precision without relying on electricity, effectively delivering nutrients and fertilizers to optimize growth. Tefen’s MixRite dosing pumps offer precise dosing, repeatability and easy operation and maintenance.

Tefens Agriculture Solutions - Dosing

Flow Products for Agriculture Applications

Tefen’s range of flow products, featuring fittings, valves, tubes, nozzles, and spray guns require no specialized tools, ensuring leak-free connections with unmatched reliability.

Tefens Agriculture Solutions - Flow Products


This catalog encompasses Tefen’s solutions for agricultural applications.

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