Tefen attains ISO 14001:2015

Exciting News from Tefen: Attaining ISO 14001:2015 Certification for Environmental Management System!

Tefen is happy to share a recent milestone: the successful attainment of the ISO 14001:2015 certification for our Environmental Management System. This significant accomplishment underscores our dedication to shaping a sustainable future.

The ISO 14001 standard establishes rigorous benchmarks for the establishment of a highly effective environmental management system, a framework that Tefen has wholeheartedly embraced. This certification serves as a powerful testament to our commitment to mitigate our environmental footprint while simultaneously fostering operational brilliance.

Our focus extends beyond just measuring our ecological impact; we are proactively engaged in enhancing it. This achievement serves as a reassurance to our valued employees, stakeholders, and collaborators, affirming that Tefen is actively taking substantial steps towards a more environmentally conscious approach.

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ISO 14001:2015 Certification